Thursday, March 22, 2012

T-Mobile Cutting 1900 Call Center Jobs

I just read a news article about T-Mobile laying off 1900 workers. Apparently these cuts will come at the expense of Tmobile call center employees. This will affect around half of all employees in US call centers. T-mobile will actually be closing a number of call centers completely. Some employees may have the chance to transfer to other call center locations and retain their jobs.

While this is certainly unpleasant news for employees who will lose their jobs, this is not necessarily a negative sign for the future of T Mobile. T-Mobile has struggled in part because it is the only major US wireless carrier that does not offer the iPhone. The Tmobile data network is not equipped to handle the Apple iPhone and other smartphones.

By reducing call center staff, it is possible T-Mobile is just looking to make customer service more efficient and invest some of the savings in updating and expanding its data network and wireless service offerings.